Heritage Moter centre Certificate

Certificate arrived today. Chassis number and body number are correct. I’m not sure about the Engine number. The picture which I have doesn’t revela the complete number, it shows 29K / RU / H 1376? the last digit is in the shade. The certificate indicates that the engine number should be 29K / RU / H 13360 so let’s assume that the number on the engine is 13760 than ther is only one digit different from that on the certificate. I wonder if this is a typo on the certificate…



Transport is arranged

Seller reports: The transport company contacted me Tuesday and I told them they could pick up the car the next day. The next day the person who is supposed to pick up the car called and asked if he could drive the car. I told him he needed a flat bed truck and he said he would have to make other arrangements and he would call me back. He called me Wednesday and said that he would pick up the car Monday ( 6 July) morning that he could not pick up the car Friday (3 July) because it was a holiday weekend.